Training the body and the spirit

Health Aspect

In traditional Taekwondo body and mind are challenged and trained to the same extent. Agility, speed, coordination, strength and endurance are improving continuously. The holistic concept prevents diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the internal organs and strengthens the immune system. Fatigue, weakness and fatigue feelings are mitigated and an increase of subjective well-being arises already after the first week of training. Those who train regularly and permanently, can experience the deep healing effect on body and mind and its impact on all areas of life.


The courses teach traditional Taekwon-Do by the teaching method of Grand Master Kwon, Jae-Hwa, who is by his personality, skills and tireless work in Taekwon-Do as well known like no other. Since 1972 he heads the "Kwon, Jae-Hwa Taekwon- Do Federation", a variety of schools in Europe and the US to pursue the strict commandment Taekwon-Do out of respect for his fellow man without physical contact. In the run by Claudia Denninghaus since 2006 courses train on two light-filled training areas of 310 m2 children, teenagers and adults of all ages. Senior, stretching and self-defense courses, family hours and early education (from 3 years) as well as training camps and courses in Germany and abroad round off the extensive range of training courses.


Claudia Denninghaus

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